Bosphorus Center for Asian Studies

BAAM Panel on “Pakistan and India’s Role in Middle East, Afghanistan and Kashmir”

Bosphorus Center for Asian Studies (BAAM) will organize a Panel on “South Asia in 21st Century’s International Politics: Pakistan and India’s Role in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Kashmir” on 05 August 2019 at BAAM office, Ankara Turkey.


The panel will be attended by the Mehmet Enes BEŞER, Director of BAAM; Dr. Haşim TÜRKER, Academic Coordinator of BAAM; Mustafa AYDOĞAN, Communications Manager of BAAM, and Md. Nazmul ISLAM, Senior Researcher at BAAM.

Umer KARIM, Research Fellow at Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in London and Iftikhar GILANI, Senior Journalist at Anadolu Agency (AA) Turkey will be the key speakers while Md. Nazmul ISLAM will moderate the panel.

The seminar aims to portray the current position of Pakistan and India in 21st-century international politics. India and Pakistan have been important players on the world stage with their own interests and will continue to be so. And yet, the purpose of their participation in the international community is not to see how many people they can outdo or do down. It is to uplift India and Pakistan’s own people, to improve their condition from the abject state that they were left in after two centuries of colonialism. That is not achieved at someone else’s expense. Instead, it requires them to work with others in international society to achieve and enabling environment for India and Pakistan’s transformation. Pakistan and India’s bilateral relations with the Middle East and their role in international politics especially in Afghanistan and Kashmir have a significant contribution to make to that goal.

Turkish Government Officials, Bureaucrats, Diplomats, Academicians, Media personnel and International Participants from all over the World are expected to participate in the seminar.


Address: Boğaziçi Asya Araştırmaları Merkezi, Cevizlidere Cd. 1226. Sk. 15/8 Cankaya / Ankara


You can find the panel program below:


14.00- 14.30: Coffee Break/Ice Breaking Session
14.30- 15.00: Opening Ceremony and Inaugural Speeches



Communications Manager, Bosphorus Center for Asian Studies – BAAM


15.00- 16.30:


Panel Moderator

Md. Nazmul ISLAM


Senior Researcher, Bosphorus Center for Asian Studies – BAAM



Panel Speaker – I

Umer KARIM (Research Fellow, Royal United Services Institute – RUSI, London)

Pakistan’s Politics in 21st Century: Prime Minister Khan Breaks the Deadlock – Middle East, Afghanistan and Kashmir



Panel Speaker – II

Iftikhar GILANI (Senior Journalist at Anadolu Agency, Turkey)


India’s Perspective on Pakistan, Iran and Kashmir


You can download the Program as PDF.