About Us

Bosphorus Center for Asian Studies (BAAM), founded in April 2018 in Ankara, is an independent think tank operating as an initiative of the Bosphorus Association for Social Research (BOSAR). In addition to Ankara and Istanbul, there are a total of 20 researchers who make contributions from different countries. BAAM is conducting research on the Asian region, mainly the Far East. Major areas of our studies include Asian Politics, Belt and Road Initiative, Great Power Competition, Foreign Policy of China, Political Economy of Asia Pacific Region, and the Turkey-Asia relations.

The reports, briefings, opinions, translations and special news prepared by BAAM researchers are published on and the weekly Asian Observatory bulletin which is shared with related individuals and organizations via Internet.

Among the languages that the researchers in the team are able to read and write are French, Italian, Japanese and Amharic as well as English and Chinese. In this way, local resources can be used in research and a wide perspective is provided. The multi-lingual and heterogeneous structure brings together rich perspectives through in-team exchanges.

Our studies are also published by SETAV, Bosphorus Migration Studies, The New Turkey EMagazine, Journal of Dunya, Yildirim Beyazit University Center for Migration Research and Theory in Turkey, and by the Istituto Affari Internazionali in Italy.